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UNLEASHING THE K.I.S.S. MARRIAGE-Kindness is like Honey

Posted: November 1, 2014

Making a sandwich

For the month of November my home church, Trinity Baptist in Kelowna, reaches out to the community with intentional acts of kindness. As I was writing an article about the different ways we can show kindness, I scoured my mind for creative and radical ways to show kindness throughout our city.  One intentional act of kindness I always do is pay for the person behind me when I go to Wendy’s drive through for their Supreme Taco salad.  I love driving away and wondering what the person behind me must be thinking. “Why in the world would that woman in front of me do that?  I wonder what she’s up to? I always drive away fast enough so that they never catch up to me or find out. I love the intrigue knowing I have brought delight into someone’s life.

This morning was my time to clean out all the flower pots on our deck.  Even though the flowers are still quite beautiful, I am smart enough to know winter is coming and soon a frost will destroy them. There I was with my flimsy gardening tools, torn and dirty gloves, yanking and digging out the flowers with their long, entangled roots. Just then my darling husband showed up with a big garbage bag, broom, proper gardening gloves and all the tools needed to clean out the flower pots.  He didn’t say anything he just started catching my rhythm and working beside me. In less time than I anticipated that this job would take, the pots were done, the deck was swept and it was time for lunch. He was my hero. For lunch I made Jack his favorite sandwich, and to his delight and surprise I dug out of hiding, one of the remaining Halloween chocolate bars and and he got his ultimate, all time favorite dessert.  Then I was his hero.

Kindness is something Jack and I try to show each other every day, because we believe kindness is the greatest and strongest expression of love. The bible actually says: “Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body” (Proverbs 16:24 NLT).

In our fast paced and distracted lives we sometimes forget that kindness should start in our own homes. In fact, this is probably the hardest place to start because we have become comfortable with each other and expectations have become predictable.  But during this month of showing intentional kindness to our city, I am challenging you to start right where you are; with your husband, children and extended family. Do something that will totally blow them away. Do it even if you don’t feel like it.

A couple of months ago Jack and I had a discussion that left me a little miffed. When it was lunch time (lunch again?) Jack was in his office and I was in the kitchen making my very own sandwich. The Holy Spirit nudged me and told me to make him a sandwich also. I didn’t want to. I just kept on making my own sandwich and enjoying the process. The Holy Spirit kept at me and at me and I finally relented and made Jack a special, delicious sandwich. When I took it to him in his office, his face lit up and I could see how this simple act of obedience and kindness replaced harmony, broke tension and brought a smile to both of our faces.

I believe there is no greater expression and power of love than simple, intentional acts of kindness.  It will be like honey restoring the laughter and harmony, and maybe even break some unwelcome tension. You know what your husband and family need. Just do it. You will be a hero!

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