Beauty Unleashed: Transforming a Woman's Soul


beauty_unleashed_coverHeidi’ McLaughlin’s life-changing book Beauty Unleashed: Transforming a Woman’s Soul was released in June 2007. Heidi believes, “The secret desire of every woman is to be more beautiful, both inside and out, and yet we can’t seem to find the magic formula. We are bombarded with solutions, but nothing seems to satiate our longing for value and significance. The fact is that you and I are beautiful because we are created in the image of God, who is the essence of beauty. It’s all right there inside of us; we just need to allow God to reveal it to us and unleash it.”

Beauty Unleashed Study Guide

The Beauty Unleashed Study Guide is a magnificent journey of discovering your relationship with God and unleashing your authentic identity. The Study Guide realizes its full potential when used in conjunction with the book Beauty Unleashed. Each chapter of the Study Guide is personalized and broken down as follows:

  • My Struggle: We are all in the midst of a struggle to know our true selves and to find our full potential.
  • My Hope: For every struggle, God has a practical, glorious hope.
  • My Unleashing: There is no deep knowledge of our beauty without experiencing the fullness of God.
  • My First Step: An intentional action to unleash our true selves, our inner beauty.
  • My Love Note to You: The author’s personal note of encouragement.
  • Soul Stop: Your personal reflection.

Beauty Unleashed:
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Beauty Unleashed:
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