RADIANT: Creating a Deeper Life


When you host or attend a one-day RADIANT conference – You will…

  • Connect with other like-minded women within your community.
  • Dig deep into God’s Word and discover how to create the life He desires for you.
  • Feel refreshed in spirit through corporate worship.
  • Network with local ministries.
  • Learn about two-week overseas ministry trip opportunities.
  • Receive a financial benefit for your women’s ministry through hosting.

“RADIANT: Creating a Deeper Life” is a ministry of International Messengers Canada.

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FAQs Q: How much does registration cost?

A: We suggest charging $59/person for early-birds. Increase to $69 after registration deadline.

Q: Does registration include lunch?
A: No. The host church is responsible to provide lunch. We suggest simplicity—a soup or salad potluck, perhaps,

with rolls or biscuits. However, if the church chooses to buy and prepare the fixings, RADIANT will subsidize the cost with $5/person.

Q: Will there be door prizes?
A: RADIANT speakers will give away resources, but the host church is welcome to provide door prizes as desired.

Q: Will RADIANTprovide handouts so the women can take notes during plenary sessions and workshops? A: Yes. Handouts will be included in a booklet that’s provided.

Q: What other things will RADIANT provide?
A: See the attached sheet that explains what both RADIANT and the host church will provide to make the day a success.

Q: Can the host church invite other community churches to participate?
A: Absolutely. RADIANT is an evangelical, interdenominational ministry and loves to see churches join forces for the common good. In fact, RADIANT’s vision is to see community churches network for this conference. Q: How will the host church benefit financially?

A: RADIANT wishes to bless the host church’s women’s ministry with10%of the monies earned through registration fees.

Q: After the church decides to host RADIANT, with whom will the committee communicate?

A: You’ll communicate directly with the RADIANT woman who initially contacted you.

Q: What is International Messengers Canada?
A: It’s an evangelical mission organization that partners with 190 career missionaries in 17 countries including but not limited to the Eastern European former Communist bloc, Cyprus, Nepal, Thailand, Russia, and France. It began approximately 35 years ago in the USA as a ministry of the Evangelical Free Church, but now it’s interdenominational.

Its philosophy is that God has hard-wired His children in unique ways and we’re most effective and most fulfilled when we operate within those spiritual giftings. As a result, IM works among diverse groups: HIV/AIDS-infected children and teens, abused and sex-trafficked women, elderly widows, the Roma people group, university students, those living in Ugandan slums, and more.

Grace Fox and her husband Gene are the Canadian directors. www.im-canada.ca

Q: Where will the missions trips go, and what’s involved?
A: The location and nature of the task depends on which career missionaries need a women’s team. Each trip requires approximately two weeks. Participants will complete an IM application form and raise the necessary funds for their in-country expenses and air travel (all donations are tax-deductible). IM provides training and organizes all the details such as travel arrangements.

Q: Where can RADIANT be reached?
A: Grace Fox = Grace@RadiantWomen.ca

Kelita Haverland = Kelita@RadiantWomen.ca

Heidi McLaughlin = Heidi@RadiantWomen.ca General inquiries = info@RadiantWomen.ca



RADIANT’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • maintain communication with the host church committee throughout planning stages
  • provide templates for publicity: poster, church bulletin, tickets, door prize slips
  • provide press releases for local newspapers
  • provide a brief promo video suitable for posting on social media and to show in church on Sunday morning
  • provide the conference program – MC, worship music, clean comedy, plenary presentations, three breakout sessions, lead Q & A, MC sponsor introductions, and introduce mission trip opportunities
  • collect registration monies from host church at event’s conclusion and settle accounts appropriately
  • subsidize lunch with $5/person if the church buys the food as opposed to a potluck
  • provide online follow-up for conference attendees
  • send donations to International Messengers Canada treasurer to ensure tax-deductible receipts are provided at year-end.


The church’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • maintain communication with RADIANT throughout planning stages
  • provide the venue, sound system and a person who will operate the system and Power Point. Refer to the Speaker Event Agreement for specific needs.
  • use the templates that RADIANT provides to print publicity photos, tickets, bulletin inserts, etc.
  • publicize to other churches and communities
  • provide daycare if desired
  • provide decorations if desired
  • provide set-up/tear down/cleaning
  • provide and serve a morning coffee break
  • provide and serve lunch as discussed with RADIANT
  • invite several local ministries to attend
  • provide one table/ local ministry to display their materials. Collect $50 for this table from the ministry representative.
  • provide five 6-8’ tables with tablecloths for the speakers’ resource tables and International Messengers
  • provide three women to handle speakers’ book sales. These women must be familiar with using an iPad (Register program) for credit card sales.
  • handle registration, collect ticket money, settle with RADIANT at event’s end
  • provide transportation for speakers if necessary
  • make hotel reservations for speakers if necessary
  • provide a room where speakers can store their suitcases and where they can go for some quiet space if necesary
  • receive and compile ancillary products to be given to conference attendees
  • coordinate a prayer team that prays in the months prior to the conference and is available to pray with women at the event
  • provide feedback to RADIANT after the conference
  • depending on travel and accommodation expenses, it may be necessary to secure financial sponsorship from local Christian businesses. This will be discussed at the outset.If deemed necessary, then RADIANT will provide a sponsorship letter to present to local businesses explaining the benefits they’ll receive for participation.