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Posted: September 5, 2011


Just in the last week several people have died because they were distracted while driving a motor vehicle.  Recent statistics show that many motor vehicle accidents are no longer due to alcohol; but because the driver is distracted. Some of the distractions listed were, of all things, watching TV, texting, on the phone, reading or just not paying attention. Bottom line; because of a distraction they died.

 Our marriages are bombarded with that same game of jeopardy. When we recognize that this little piece of wires and plastic, (our cell phones, iPads or computers) takes precedence over “eyeball to eyeball” conversations, we’re on our way to a marriage wreck.

 I have witnessed couples out on a dinner date and the husband (or wife) looking at the top of each other’s heads as they are clicking away on text messages or checking their e-mails or Face book messages. Really, can this not wait for another hour or at least until the dinner bill is paid and you’re back in the private comfort of your motor vehicle?  Not too long ago I witnessed a dad with a 3 year old son pulling at his daddy’s pant let trying to get daddy’s attention. He wanted to ask daddy an important question; but daddy is too busy with a piece of plastic.  It’s heartbreaking for me to watch how distractions take priority over meaningful, value focused conversations and interactions.  I see husbands, wives and children unable to get each other’s attention because something on a screen is more engaging, fun, momentarily pleasurable or seemingly more important.  If this does not stop; we are on the short route to a marriage or family wreck. I have had women share with me how these gadgets have caused arguments, power struggles, anger and resentment.

 Distractions not only jeopardize our marriages and families, they sabotage our connection and harmony with God. As long as the enemy can keep us distracted from the good things God has placed in our lives; he is winning.  Are we really going to let the enemy sabotage what God said when he designed marriage and said, “It was good!” When will we have the courage to put our foot down and say NO to distractions and YES to pulling away from the noise and stimulation of this word and centre our souls back on God.  This blog is not intended to give you 6 steps in how to pull away from the distractions and back to the things that have meaning.  This article is meant to make to make you think about the fact that as long as we give in to the distractions that take us away from the things in our life that we love, we are losing and on our way to a wreck; maybe a deadly one. In our marriage our soul; or both.

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