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BEAUTY TIP #28 – Find Your Faves

Posted: November 6, 2010

I am excited and getting ready for two of our daughters coming home this weekend. Their purpose is to be by my side during my husband’s surgery. But, in spite of all our questions and the “unknowns” of what the Doctors will find on Monday, I am focusing on what I know at this moment; our FAVORITE THINGS.

Right now I am in the kitchen baking the famous blueberry lemon muffins that I have been making for the last twenty-five years, cranberry biscotti and butternut squash soup.  The kitchen is filled with aromas of nutme, roasting butternut squash and walnuts. The fireplace is throwing off its glorious colors and autumn hued candles are flickering and sharing their pumpkin and apple fragrances. Gentle, inspiring worship music is playing softly in the background and my husband is sitting at the kitchen counter sampling the baking as it comes out of the oven. All I can hear is, “Ahh, this is amazing!” “Yup, these are our favorites.” “Mmmmm!”

Some days it doesn’t feel like we are experiencing the abundant life that Jesus said He came to give us. Curiously life feels “upside-down”, doors are closed and you feel abandoned, overlooked and sad. Yet in spite of what it all looks like, there is abundance lurking everywhere. This morning I took an inventory:

  • I have a comfy bed to sleep in to get a good night’s rest, and a hot shower to wake me up.
  • A great cup of coffee to kick up my adrenaline.
  • I love laughing.
  • Food in the fridge and cupboard.
  • A car sitting in my driveway with enough gas to get me over the bridge.
  • Books on my shelves.
  • A laptop keyboard underneath my fingertips.
  • Candles and matches to light them.
  • A body that is strong enough to do laundry, make beds, organize the garage and go for long energetic walks.
  • Knowing I have dinner invitations this weekend.
  • Family who loves me.
  • A mother who prays for me.
  • A God who never leaves me.
  • A Heaven that waits for me.
  • A rainbow in the sky that reminds me that God’s promises are for a lifetime-no eternal.

Once I start focusing on all my favorite things, I realize I could fill ten pages of God’s blessings in my life. Not only do I have all my faves and abundance for TODAY, but a guarantee for all my TOMORROWS.  Listen: “He has put his brand upon us-his mark of ownership-and given us his Holy Spirit in our hearts as guarantee  that we belong to him, and as a first installment of all that is he going to give us” (2 Cor. 1:22 NLT-Italics mine).

…”of all that he is going to give us.”  I wonder what that “ALL” is-don’t you?

There are not a lot of guarantees in this life; even our favorite things come and go. But this I KNOW, God has some favorite things ready for each of us beyond what we see today.

TODAY? I’m going to focus on my daughters coming home. Their beds are made and their favorite MILKA Chocolate bars on their pillows. TOMORROW? I’ll leave that up to God.

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  1. Heidi, as usual you have captured powerful emotions and given me beautiful word pictures to be able to receive Truth.

    I’ve been dreading the holidays this year. Last year, the holidays were painful and disappointing because we had just found out that our son had left his wife. Our usual traditions fell flat. The spiritual ideas I felt God had given me to share with our grown kids and their spouses were not well received. My husband and I felt helpless and confused.

    This year I don’t know what to expect. I have decided not to have any expectations and present our usual traditions. My husband’s father and mother aren’t well. We are still hurting with our now ex-daughter in law. I am still unemployed with few speaking engagements on the calendar for 2011, and I am in the middle of a protest with the unemployment office regarding my benefits, or lack thereof.

    But IN GOD’S REALITY, I have so many things to be thankful for. Our needs are met on every level and He is still working. Thank you for sharing your lessons learned.

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