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Unlocking Shame - Key to Empowered Leadership

This workshop identifies the different types of shame and how they show up in our own lives. A leader with shame finds it hard to trust and consequently builds an environment of walls and not authenticity. Heidi identifies the different masks that we wear to cover up our shame and how we can remove those masks.

Empowering Leadership Through Friendship

A leader’s greatest pursuit is progress. Most leaders can’t seem to connect the dots of the importance of friendships for successful leadership. This workshop deals with the impact of friendship through physical, social, emotional and spiritual connection. It also works with the relational leadership model that Jesus used while he was teaching his disciples.

STOP Feeling Overwhelmed and Undervalued

We live in an era of “hurry sickness.” We use our over-commitment to find our self-worth but instead we find ourselves overwhelmed and angry. This is an interactive workshop to discover what motivates us and how we can focus on what will fulfill us and not devalue us.

What Do You Mean I Have the Mind of Christ?
 When we receive Jesus as our Savior, we are told that we “have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:14-16). If this is the case, why do most of us life such defeated, depressed lives? This workshop shows the power and reality of appropriating the mind of Christ.

Conversations with God - Prayer 101

This workshop gives evidence of the power of prayer in our lives. Heidi addresses the prayerlessness in our lives and gives steps to “get started” in a personal prayer life.

Pitiful or Powerful Leadership

Every single choice we make is filtered through believing in God’s power or the defeat and accusations of Satan. Heidi uses practical, powerful tools from the Word of God to show how we can STOP and make every single decision through the power of God within us.