What People Say About Heidi McLaughlin


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Centre Street Calgary, Calgary, AB

While I know you were extremely well prepared in every way, God took all that time, effort and passion for His Word – with your honest, warm and transparent personality – and handmade each session one to anticipate. Women looked forward to what God had for them in the next one, and the one after that. Hearts, lives and ways of thinking were changed. There was also a buzz about your conversations with women, touching each one who attended, if only for a few minutes. That simple gesture of sitting with women at their tables communicated value and honoured each one. Thank you for your graciousness, your living life with God and your willingness to share even the hard times.

Marlene Fritzler – Women in Christ Retreat Co-ordinator – CENTRE STREET-CALGARY

Salvation Army, Kelowna, B.C.

Heidi recently spoke at our Women’s Conference and we were truly blessed by her love for God, her love for her family and her deep desire for Women to connect with God and with each other. The women who attended were challenged to discover where they need God to help them take their grit and transform it into joy and freedom. Women left the conference with a renewed sense of the joy and freedom God wants for each one of them. Relationships were healed and lives were changed. We enjoyed and appreciated Heidi so much that she has been invited to speak at our Women’s Retreat/Camp in Gibson’s next June.

Lt. Kim Burry. Pastor at The Salvation Army Kelowna Community Church, Kelowna BC.

Colwood Pentecostal Church

As director of the Colwood Pentecostal Church women’s retreat I am always searching for great speakers. I came across Heidi while surfing the web for a Christian speaker and immediately loved her company name ‘Heart Connections’. I asked around our Church and local community for anyone who may know her and found our music director knew her well and highly recommended her.

Heidi came and shared at our retreat Feb/March of this year. She was great! From the first meeting she connected with the ladies and got their attention in a fun way. I really liked the way Heidi used scripture through out her teaching, keeping everything on track. The women found her style interesting, entertaining yet practical and we all came away with new tools in our toolboxes for managing relationships.

Even though Heidi is an accomplished author and speaker, she walked in humility and showed a desire to be like Jesus by sharing the same accommodation and table with the retreat attendees. She was easy to communicate with before, during and after the retreat even while experiencing a most difficult time in her life. As the director I really appreciated this easy communication, it made my job so much easier.

I was asked to say just a few words, so although I could go on, I will just say, Heidi is a must for your next women’s event!

Colwood Church in Victoria, BC

Willow Park Church, Kelowna, B.C.

Heidi spoke at our Fall Retreat called “A LIFE OF NO REGRETS.” Her words were deep, insightful; speaking God’s truths into the hearts of the ladies. Heidi is authentic and real, sharing with us about her journey with God and how God wants us all to live a life with no regrets. Her gift of speaking impacts those that listen.

Elaine Reimer, Women’s Ministry
Willow Park Church, Kelowna, BC

South Delta Baptist Church

This past spring our church hosted our 47th annual Strawberry Tea Outreach where over 700 women came, over two evenings, to be blessed by Heidi and to enjoy a traditional English Tea complete with chocolate dipped strawberries.The highlight of the event was watching and hearing Heidi as she connected, heart to heart, with the women in her audience, encouraging them as she addressed the tough issues, giving hope and pointing them to our Lord Jesus Christ. Heidi is an amazing woman of God who wears her heart on her sleeve and uses the story of her trials to lift others up, showing how we can all become beautiful creations in Christ. Thank you Heidi for being so vulnerable and available.

Janet Boivin, Director of Women’s Ministries

Women Alive

Heidi McLaughlin spoke at many Women Alive Conferences and also served on our “Press Pause Retreat” leadership team. In both her speaking and writing, she has the dynamic ability to convey Biblical truth combined with personal testimony in a way that engages her audience at the heart level. What I most appreciate about Heidi is her genuine love, care, and concern for every woman; at each event, it was important to her to take time with individual women following her talks to engage in deeper one-on-one ministry and prayer. She is passionate about leading women to Jesus and creating an inviting, safe atmosphere for that to take place. I heartily recommend Heidi McLaughlin!

Michelle Nagle Arthur, Women Alive

Heidi was the guest speaker at our dessert evening based on the theme, “Celebrate – Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend.” Heidi travelled from Kelowna to Dawson Creek to share her message with us. Her commitment and sacrifice to women is evident and greatly appreciated. Heidi’s warm and open spirit makes it easy for women to hear what she has to share. Her honesty in sharing her life and heart with the ladies causes them to be receptive to her message, which is strongly based on the Word of God.

Thank you Heidi, for coming all the way to Dawson Creek and sharing with our women what I believe was an important and life-changing message.

Kim Mckinnon, Chair Person, Women Alive Team, Dawson Creek. BC

Hope Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

We asked God to take control of our upcoming retreat that was to be for His Glory. We waited and searched out various speakers. We were led again and again to Heidi and we were confident that she was the person God called to our event. The women were encouraged, uplifted, refreshed and left with an inspired message that they could reflect on and ponder. We are also grateful, not only for the BEAUTY UNLEASHED retreat experience, but also for Heidi’s beautiful presence during our Sunday worship service. A woman of prayer, patience, giving and blessing … just what we prayed for. Thanks be to God.

Joan Doorenspleet, Director of Women’s Ministry

Women's Ministries of the North American Baptist Churches of BC

What can I say about this wonderful Godly woman?! The women of our churches were hugely blessed to have Heidi come and share with us at our 2nd annual Great Escape. Heidi is fun, warm, engaging, insightful, and committed to sharing the truth of the Word of God. She led us to the foot of the cross and challenged us to do business there. We were so blessed to even work with Heidi in planning and preparing. She considered our heart as we prepared. I truly sensed that she prepared herself specifically for our event. And there were no hidden agendas … she was simply there to share her heart, the Word of God, and to motivate us to go deeper with our Lord. What a wonderful gal to work with! I can’t wait to do it again!!!!

In Christ,

Ruth Bahr, President of Women’s Ministries of the North American Baptist Churches of British Columbia

Centre Street Church - Calgary, AB

Comments from the Conference: “Surviving Sabotage”: The best speaker I’ve heard. She was able to draw out the hard issues we all struggle with in an inspiring way. Far exceeded my expectations; authentic, articulate, deeply understanding of a woman’s heart. Authentic, tender and insightful. Emotionally driving presentations that really touch the central issues women struggle with.

Evangelical Free Church

With Scripture based teaching, Heidi graciously and lovingly challenged and inspired women to seek their relationship with God and other women through the theme “The Perfect Blend.” Throughout the retreat Heidi encouraged us to leave with ‘”two words” from the Lord. I was amazed and delighted when God did exactly that for me! I left the retreat challenged to develop greater intimacy in my relationship with God and the women He brings into my life. I thank God for Heidi and the ministry He has given her!

Sheryl Regitnig, Evangelical Free Church, Prairie District Women’s Retreat

Manitoba Baptist Women

The comments were unanimous: we loved Heidi! 128 women from all over Manitoba gathered at the Elkhorn Resort for “Renovation of the Heart.” Heidi captured the women’s hearts from the first “hello.” Her messages were funny, insightful, challenging, and Spirit led. She dealt with tough issues in a sensitive manner that encouraged women to be honest and created willingness to let God work.

Beth Gust, Executive Director, Manitoba Baptist Women’s Weekend Get-Away

Willingdon Church - Burnaby, BC

The response of the women was very positive, and you were very much appreciated by many, many women. Here are some of their comments:

  • Heidi, you touched my heart. What a blessing it is to be free from many concerns of life. Thank you so much Heidi for sharing your story. God bless you and thank you.
  • Really moved by Heidi’s talk. Enjoyed the whole evening.
  • The speaker was excellent – a most enjoyable evening!
  • Speaker was dynamic.
  • Inspirational story by Heidi.
  • Heidi: thoughtful, funny and heartfelt.
  • The speaker had a very inspiring and meaningful story.

Baptist Church in Gorzow Poland

We have experienced the presence of God’s love in everything you do and say. You have such a beautiful servant’s heart and we love to watch you love others with your joy.

Cezary Dabrowski, Pastor of Baptist Church in Gorzow, Poland

Whitehorse Baptist Church

Heidi’s openness, warmth and ability to meet people where they are at allows her to transcend social, age and cultural lines. Heidi presents a thought-provoking, dynamic message, touching the hearts of women and leading them to apply the message to their daily lives.

Janet Ens, Retreat Committee, Whitehorse Baptist Church, Whitehorse, Yukon

Lawson Heights Alliance Church

“Heidi was the speaker for our “Dare to Dream” ladies retreat. Her spiritual preparation for our retreat was evident as she genuinely and authentically spoke the words God had specifically ordained for our women. Her communication with us prior to our retreat was key to her being on the same page as us come retreat time. Her sensitivity, passion, and sincere authenticity helped the women feel an almost immediate connection with her. By letting her guard down, it gave our women permission to let their guard down and be vulnerable and open with each other. She fully participated in every aspect of our retreat with her whole heart and she was willing to go above and beyond to make the women feel welcome and special. She loves women, and identifies with the issues and challenges so many of us face. She encouraged, challenged, and gave us practical exercises to step out of our comfort zones and discover who we really are and what amazing things God has in store for each one of us. She spoke truth into our lives, both as individuals and as a whole group. She’s an absolute “gem” and was without question, the highlight of our week-end.”

Karen McKenzie, Retreat Team Leader, Lawson Heights Alliance Church, Saskatoon, SK

Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre

“Some have to search far and wide to find an inspiring and compelling keynote presenter. We discovered a treasure right in our own backyard!

Heidi, thank you for the gift of your heart, for bringing us to laughter and tears, for combining deep passion with a light heart, for weaving life-changing truths into the story of your life changes, for sharing your victorious journey of faith. The first-ever gala banquet of the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre will be most fondly remembered by the take-home treasure you gave to each heart.”

Theresa McRae White, Executive Director, Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre

Moose Jaw Alliance Church

“Heidi was the speaker for our Women’s Retreat based on the theme “Better Together.” She did a great job of working with our theme and consulting us on what we wanted to see accomplished. She spoke the truth of God’s word interwoven with some of her personal experiences. She was creative and innovative in her presentations. She was not only our speaker but she was a participant in all our activities during the weekend and she did a fabulous job of interacting with the women. Thank you Heidi for coming to our retreat! It was a God-blessed weekend.”

Julia Ellergodt, Director of Women’s Ministries, Moose Jaw Alliance Church, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Stonecroft Ministries

“Heidi completely engages her audience within the first few minutes. She has a wonderful rapport with women and makes a personal connection when she speaks. Her presentations are sensitive, passionate and humourous.”

Lee Gibson, Area Representative, Stonecroft Ministries, British Columbia

Trinity Baptist Church

“Heidi is one of those rare individuals with the gift of being able to communicate incredible insight and truth in the context of real life. She’s dynamic and compelling. Heidi’s presentations emerge out of a life of dedication and service to God and her church. Her messages ring true because they’re backed by her own contagious walk with God.”

Dr. Tim Schroeder, Teaching Pastor of Heidi’s Home Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Kelowna, BC