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Posted: May 11, 2014


In my first marriage I was more concerned about getting my own way, rather than focusing on being a good wife.  I thought if everything went my way, I would be happy and organically I would become that good wife. Selfishness is so blind and foolish.

Let’s be very clear about something. Being a good wife does not mean being a door mat or a shrinking violet. For I am neither. I am still the student in my marriage, but there are a few things I have actually learned.

Take today for example: Every spring when it’s time to clean up our yard I declare that “I am not going to pick pine needles out of the lava rocks this year.”  But I see how hard my dear Jack works in the yard doing all the trimming and clean up, and I know someone has to pick up all those pesky, prickly pine needles out of the sharp, awkward lava rocks. I guess that would be me.  As I was sitting on my butt in amongst the lava rocks today, it hit me. I was being submissive to what I felt God was asking me to do today, and my actions were an outward expression of an inner desire to honor my husband and God.  My role as a good wife is not always getting my way or not doing things I don’t feel like doing. I believe God has placed me in Jack’s life to use wisdom to build a good, loving, harmonious marriage.  Here is what Proverbs 14:1 says: “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

Women have powerful influences in their homes. By our dispositions and actions we can actually set the temperatures in our children and husbands moods. It is actually quite frightening and humbling to think that we have that much power in the lives of the people we love the most. So here is your challenge and take away. “What do you want your husband and children saying about you ten years from now?” Will you use that power to build a good house or tear it down?

Above all else we need Godly wisdom to build good marriages, it doesn’t happen by default. We need to be wise when to speak up, when to be quiet. We need to know when it is a good time to ask your husband those tough questions, and there is a time to just snuggle and let it be.   There is a time to take a stand, and there is a time to acquiesce. Ask yourself, “Will it matter five years from now?” Everything is not black and white and it hardly ever matters when we are right.

Here is the crazy, funny puzzling fact.  When we use Godly wisdom to be a good wife, the people in our lives also start acting…good. Isn’t life strange and wonderful?

Have a blessed and good MOTHER’S DAY!   

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