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BEAUTY TIP #7 “Exfoliating Frogs – Part 2”

Posted: September 23, 2009

 Heidi Photo Shoot (74) 

                       FREEDOM FROM FROGS

Noticed any frogs in your house in the last week? Its time to exfoliate, today, not tomorrow,  and it takes only one word –GRACE. It always amazes me how we are so willing to accept the grace of forgiveness for our sins and promise of an eternal heaven, but we don’t let grace help us with our frogs. Let me explain.

Many of us have lived with frogs for so long we think they are part of our life. Either we feel that “it is my lot in life to live with frogs”, OR we blame other people or life’s circumstances. If only, my parents hadn’t done this to me, I wouldn’t be like this. If only people didn’t have so many expectations of me. If only I had more money. If only I didn’t have to work so hard. If only my husband and children helped me more. If only…(you fill in the blank). 

This is your life!  God has promised you an abundant life but you need to receive and ACCEPT His grace to help you remove the frogs. Here’s how:

* Look at the frogs – recognize them. Name them. Tell them how you feel about them. Tell them they are going  home.

*Good intentions never change anything. It is time to choose with determination to remove the frogs from your life.

* Talk to God about your frogs. Tell Him you are tired of living with them and ask Him to help you exfoliate them.

* Remember Moses saying to Pharaoh, “Tell me when you want me to get rid of the frogs, and I will pray to God and ask Him to do it.” Now it is your turn to pray and ask God to help you exfoliate the frogs from your life today.

* Accept God’s Grace to let Him to do it.

* Thank  God – and wait expectantly as the frogs begin to disappear from your life . One frog at a time.

Freedom makes a woman gorgeous from the inside out. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who says NO to frogs. What is stopping you from accepting God’s GRACE -a gift neither you or I deserve but can accept and enjoy?

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