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When You Can’t Find God: How to Ignite the Power of His Presence.

Posted: June 2, 2011


My friend Linda Shepherd’s book, WHEN YOU CAN’T FIND GOD is authentic and powerful. Her words ring true because she has lived them. She has experienced the storms of live and understands that one time or another; …“the storms of life visit us all, and we find ourselves ill-prepared to weather them.” Many of us ask the question, “Where is God when everything comes crashing down?

 Linda hits our heart in our deepest, most vulnerable places of questioning God while we are in the midst of our storm. But what I really love about this book; is that she takes us by the hand and guides us into a place of refuge, strength and tools for surviving all of the gritty and tough places in life.

 At the end of each chapter she guides us into focusing on God by:

  1. Focusing on God
  2. Taking a “Trip to the Oasis”
  3. Praying for and with us.

 Linda shares aspects of her life that every one of us can relate to. Sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they are funny; but they are all focused to bring us into place of understanding God’s presence and power. She clearly gives the roadmap to igniting the power of God’s presence in our lives.

 What a great book! You will only be able to absorb one chapter a day, so that it can sink into the very depth of your soul.  Thank you Linda for this practical and gorgeous workmanship.

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  1. Hi Heidi,
    I’m so glad you were able to ‘experience’ thisbook as you prayed through it. I hope it also encourages many of your readers. I love your blog! It’s beautiful.
    Linda Evans Shepherd

  2. Linda your book is full of hope…and if there is one thing we all need these days it is HOPE! Thank you for laying your heart out there for everyone to glean from your experiences. The book is a real treasure, thank you for writing it.

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