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Beautiful Things-by Heidi McLaughlin

Posted: April 10, 2023

Beautiful things draw me in like a magnet. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, the sunset over the ocean, a painting, a vase with flowers, pottery or the feel and texture of beautiful cloth. Anything which has colours, unique styles or something that brings ambiance into a room makes me yearn to reach out to it. Editors from my publishing houses have cautioned me about using the word “beautiful” too often. I’ve had to find synonyms to describe the magic and wonder of everything in God’s creation.

Describing beauty is often beyond human expressions.

I’ve often wondered why beauty impacts me so profoundly and I believe I know the answer. The Bible makes it quite clear in Ecclesiastes 3:11  “…He has set eternity in our hearts.” And in the spiritual realm we are already  “…seated in the Heavenly places with Christ”  (Ephesians 2:6). Our relationship with Jesus Christ gives us   a spiritual glimpse of Heaven in our hearts. The apostle John tried to explain the beauty of Heaven in human terms of pearls, jewels, rainbows, gold, bronze and so much more, but I think the magnificence of Heaven is beyond our human comprehension.

Our hearts know we don’t belong on this earth.

We’re made for something much grander than the daily-ness of life, the disappointments, grief and endless work to put bread on the table and find snippets of joy. We’re made for more. God has placed his personality, beauty and enthusiasm for life into our spirit and there is longing that is beyond our human understanding. The more God awakens our hearts, the more we are drawn to live with purpose and passion.

So let beauty stir your spirit.

The next time a baby’s giggle puts a smile on your face or a worship song or painting stirs you to tears. Stop and thank God that He uses those glorious moments to remind us there is an alternate world waiting for us. One where these mysteries will help us to understand why the rainbow in a tear drop or the beauty of a butterfly leave us gasping for more.

What wakes you up in the middle of the night and stirs your passion? In those moments, what do you think God is trying to tell you?




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