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The Unexplainable: Coincidences or God Miracles? by Heidi McLaughlin

Posted: August 17, 2018


I shouldn’t be alive I’ve had too many near death experiences. For example: Driving home alone late at night when it’s coal black without any street lights, and suddenly car headlights come straight toward you. My instincts kick in and I swerve to the right, onto the only small section of roadside that doesn’t have a ditch or danger. I’m safe only by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.

How about the day I rear ended a black SUV and totalled my car? Initially it looked like an unfortunate turn of events but the reality was quite different. In fact, if that SUV hadn’t stopped suddenly to let a young boy cross the road, would I have seen that little boy? It makes me shudder just to think about it. Coincidence or God’s miracle?

Since Jack’s death, I look to God for protection, guidance and rescuing. Those promise are for me and I claim them:

“The good man does not escape all troubles-he has them too. But the Lord helps him in each and every one. God even protects him from accidents” (Psalm 34:19 NLT).

“My protection and success come from God alone” (Psalm 62:7 NLT).

“For he orders his angels to protect you wherever you go” (Psalm 91:11 NLT).

“Jehovah himself is caring for you! He keeps his eye upon you as you come and go, and always guards you” (Psalm 121:5, 8).

More protection, guidance and care came with me on my last trip to Montana. Two days before I left an unusual nudging prompted me to put a full spare tire into the trunk of my car. Just in case. Yes my car comes with a spare but it’s small and isn’t too reliable for long distances. The day before my departure I went golfing and as I entered the golf course parking lot my car swerved and yes, I had a flat tire. No problem because when BCAA came I had a full spare which they changed at the speed of light and I was on my way.

But it didn’t stop there. Once again God prompted my spirit to place another new spare into my car before starting my long trek to Kalispell, Montana. On my way back home to Kelowna I stopped to refuel in Castlegar and once again my car zigzagged into the gas station and I had another flat tire. Call BCAA, I have a full spare; I’m back on the road in 45 minutes. Coincidences that I would have spares for each disaster?

If you’re still not sure about miracles; read on.

During my long road trip to Portland, Oregon, I had to overnight at a hotel before heading out the next day to the Retreat Centre. The next morning when I turned the ignition key, nothing happened. No sound. I turned the key again and this time the battery and engine light came on warning me that the car was in trouble. No engine sound. The car is dead. I regrouped, prayed and reminded God that I believe He had appointed me to be on this trip and that I needed His help and protection. In short, I need the car the start. God promoted me to turn the key one more time. I did and the car burst into action and in seconds I was back on the highway.

I know these are God’s miracles because He assures me He is fully engaged in every aspect of my life. I wholeheartedly trust God’s word that says: “He fulfills the desires of those who reverence and trust him; he hears their cries for help and rescues them” (Psalm 145:19 NLT).

Coincidence or God miracle? What do you think?








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