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Miracle Moments-by Heidi McLaughlin

Posted: March 13, 2022

Miracle moments aren’t always the parting of the Red Sea or water gushing from a rock. Miracles continue to be all around us. The God who performed those miracles thousands of years ago, is still involved in miracles today. The God who provided daily manna for the millions of people wandering in the desert is the same God who will provide for us today.  God is the I AM, the same God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. What God did for David, Moses, Elijah, and Joseph and on and on God can also do for you and me. Today. Have we forgotten that?

Let’s remind ourselves and begin to look around.

I facilitate a Bible Study group and one evening I asked all my participants to share their miracle moments. One participant who had multiple back surgeries two years ago, is once again walking and engaging fully with life. Another gal, a single mother of two boys shared her story of how she needed to get from Kelowna to Oregon by a certain date. But her truck broke down and there were no available airline flights. She shared how God gave her an idea, then brought other people into her life to help her mobilize a vehicle that had been dormant for two years. In the nick of time they got that old car up and running and my friend drove all night to Oregon and made the deadline.

The picture in this blog of me holding a baby is a miracle moment. After14 years of infertility my daughter Michelle gave birth to my granddaughter Mya who is turning 14 in a week. I celebrate the miracle moment of her beautiful life.

A great miracle story.

Often times we think it was because of something we did, somebody helped, or everything just fell into place. But God orchestrated that miracle to happen. And we have to do our part; we need to ask and then with supernatural eyes watch the miracle unfold. God knows you intimately and is involved in every detail of our life. In Psalm 139:3 it says: “You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.”

Not only does God intimately know everything about your life, He sees all your needs. And God who is a rescuer, a provider and protector wants to help you. He is the best Father or Parent we will ever have. In the same way we want the best for our children, God wants the best for us. God can still help you with your finances, marriage, the cranky boss, that awkward relationship and your unfulfilled heart. Seek Him and ask and then wait and watch a miracle moment unfold.  But pay attention! Often times when things work out we give ourselves the credit, but God is always behind the scenes choreographing the miracle moments.

What miracle do you need in your life today? Seek, ask, wait and pay attention  to God working it out.




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4 responses to “Miracle Moments-by Heidi McLaughlin”

  1. Marion Bradley says:

    Thanks again Heidi for reminding me that God, my Father, is on His throne…totally in loving control.

    • hmclaughlin says:

      Thank you Marion for reading my blog and commenting. I so appreciate my reader audience and love it when you engage with me. We have to remind ourselves that, YES, God is the same today as he was thousands of years ago and He is still doing miracles. Every day. May we all encounter many as we move into Spring. Bless you, Heidi

  2. Sandra Hunt says:

    Thank you Heidi for your words of encouragement. They always lift my spirits. We serve an amazing mysterious God who so always with us.
    Thank you for the reminder.❤️

    • hmclaughlin says:

      Sandra thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. With all the chaos around us we do need to remind ourselves that we serve an amazing, miracle making God. We need to encourage “one-another.” Bless you…Heidi

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