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Beauty Tip #22 – “Infinitely More.”

Posted: September 11, 2010

You ask your teenage daughter to clean her room. When you walk in the house you are amazed that she also cleaned the entire house and you smell the garlic and basil of an Italian dinner. The bathtub is filled with hot water, and a plush thick towel is laid out so you can enjoy your leisurely spa bath.   

Your husband tells you he will wash your car. Then you find out that he also vacuumed the inside of the car, cleaned out the trunk, polished all your black shoes and folded your laundry that’s been sitting in the dryer for three days.

That is BEYOND your wildest expectations of what you dared to ever ask or dream of. Yet, that is what God promises for us.

Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish more that we would ever dare to ask or hope” (Ephesians 3:20).

Sound crazy? Infinitely more than you can ever imagine possible? Yet the bible promises us that God is able. Try to wrap your head around this. We are talking about the God who spoke the world into existence; the one who created you and me from nothing. He is the one who parted the Red Sea and brought Lazarus and Jesus back to life. He is the one who brings the sun out each morning and calls the stars and planets by their names.

Here is the “catch phrase”–by HIS mighty power at work within us.  That’s right, when we give him permission and trust Him to accomplish the unthinkable, He is the one who do the infinitely more. So how does this happen?

1. TURN – I need to be intentional and choose to turn my eyes off my present painful, disappointing or discouraging circumstances and turn my focus to HIM. The One who puts the rainbow into the sky to remind us of his promises that are unshakable and non-negotiable.

2. TRUTH – Turn to Him and rehearse the truth of the abundant life He has promised us. The bible is a Love Story written in blood for the infinitely more that God wants to do in our lives.  Nothing that happens in this life will ever separate us from his Love for us and all that He wants to do for us.

3. TRUST – OK this one is hard but we have to choose to do it. When everything in our circumstances is human evidence that everything has gone off the rails, it is hard to trust something we can’t put our hands on. Yet this is where the power kicks in. When we trust Him to let HIS mighty power at work take over, He can begin to unfold His plans for our lives which are infinitely more beautiful and powerful than we can imagine or dream of.

If you are in deep, ravaging pain right now, this will be hard for you to swallow. But the God who made the seasons and “everything beautiful in His time” has the power to heal your heart and give you magnificent future. That is an infinite promise.

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  1. You are absolutely wonderful woman of God Heidi. I love your blog…it’s beautiful. I admire you so much and you are such a blessing to me. Have a blessed week!

  2. Jeannette says:

    Your post really encouraged me! I pray part of that chapter over my family & that verse always “pops” out me!

  3. Kathryn Lang says:

    thanks for this confirmation – I just told someone that when God wrote those words he knew I was coming and he KNEW how big I could dream – so I expect more. 😀 They kindof looked at me like I was not quite right. Your post is the perfect encouragement for me at this moment.

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