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Beauty Tip #10 – “Find your own Broom Tree”

Posted: December 21, 2009


Your very own “Broom Tree”

Once your “Merry Christmas Train” has arrived at the designated station, been unpacked, untangled, re-organized and cleaned up; it’s time to start looking around for your very own broom tree.  You deserve it; and it guarantees to bring the sparkle back into your eyes.

When I see the furrowed brows on women’s faces during the harried Christmas Season, I often wonder if some of us feel like Elijah. Elijah, a prophet in the Bible, had been working very hard for God. He had been busy performing miracles, winning wars, overcoming relationship struggles and being obedient to what was expected of him. (Does any of this resonate?) Now he was worn out, hungry, feeling overlooked, and a tad depressed. He felt depleted and done. I can visualize him sighing deeply and then flopping under the nearest broom tree.  I wonder if he was muttering like some of you might be doing right now. “Look, I’ve done all that I was supposed to do, I’m dead tired, just let me have some well deserved peace and quiet.” The beautiful part of this story is that when Elijah experienced this depletion; an angel showed up.

Let me be your “Post Christmas Angel” and give you permission to find your own broom tree. Out of curiosity I asked several women I love and respect, “What does your broom tree look like?”

* Three nights of soaking in the tub, surrounded by candles and being able to read a book without any interruptions.

* Curling up with my duvet or favorite blanket, and reading a good book or listening to soft music.

* Spending an entire day by myself; without children or any distractions.

* A weekend away with a girlfriend.

* A palm tree in Hawaii.

When you choose to sign your own consent form and take some refueling time for your soul, you are not being selfish. In fact, you are giving a gift to yourself and to everyone else in your life. You’ve been pouring out; now take the time to drink rejuvenation juice-under your broom tree. “Come unto me all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28 NLT)

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  1. Michelle Willms says:

    Thanks for reminding me how important it is to find a broom tree. As a busy mother of 3, its difficult some times to give myself permission to take a “time out”. God wants me to sit and rejuvenate and reconnect with Him.

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