1. Heidi with friends at the AWSA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, July 2014

  2. Heidi with musician and song writer Mona Breidenbach. Heidi speaking at Westgate Alliance Church in Saskatoon, Sask. At the Christmas event called 'Festival of Salads.

  3. Heidi with Kristy Thiessen at the SAND TO PEARLS CONFERENCE at Stillwood Camp, British Columbia.

  4. Heidi with Crystal Hicks musical group at SAND TO PEARLS Conference at Stillwood Camp, British Columbia

  5. Heidi and the Planning Executive of Colwood Church, Hidden Treasures Conference

  6. Heidi (Keynote) and Krista Penner at the Christmas Event in Maple Ridge called “Belles and Bags” 2013

  7. “Women Alive” pilot initiative "Press Pause". Speaking/worship team at Rockridge Resort, Oct 2012

  8. NAB Women’s Conference: “A NO Regrets Life” at Rockridge Resort, Nov 2012

  9. Heidi with Director of Women’s Ministries in front of the “Sand to Pearls” painting at Strawberry Tea, South Delta Baptist Church

  10. Heidi & Michelle, Women Alive Conference, Oro Station, ON, Oct 1, 2011

  11. Heidi & Keturah, Women Alive Conference, Oro Station, ON, Oct. 1, 2011

  12. Heidi & Carol Kent, AWSA and ICRS Conference in Atlanta, 2011

  13. Heidi & Rhonda, AWSA and ICRS Conference in Atlanta, 2011

  14. Heidi & Audrey Meisner, AWSA and ICRS Conference in Atlanta, 2011

  15. Sand to Pearls Retreat, RockRidge, BC, April 8-10, 2011

  16. Centre Street Church, Calgary, AB

  17. Manitoba East Alliance Women - participating in the "signature ending"

  18. Manitoba East Alliance Worship Team - having fun with our masks

  19. Heidi's Polish Translator

  20. Bible Lectures in the Beautiful Polish Outdoors

  21. Beauty Unleashed Weekend, The Way Community Church, Bellingham, WA, Feb 6-8/09

  22. East Hill Community Church, Vernon, BC - "Daughters of the King" Retreat, Gardom Lake, Nov. 2008

  23. Heidi McLaughlin, Jennie Dimkoff, Carol Kent Connie Cavanaugh, AWSA Conference, Orlando, FL, July 11 - 13/08

  24. Bill & Nanci Carmichael, owners of VMI Publishing House (publishers of Beauty Unleashed), Sisters, OR

  25. Debra Huntly, Heidi McLaughlin, Nicole Kraft, Irene Sawatsky at "Has Anyone Seen My Designer Label" at Waverly Fellowship Baptist Church, Winnipeg, MB, April 28/08

  26. l - r Marilyn Bussey (Women Alive), Kim McKinnon, Heidi McLaughlin, at Dawson Creek event hosted by Women Alive, Canada

  27. Celebrating "Beauty and the Beast" session of Beauty Unleashed Study, Kelowna, BC

  28. Heidi with women from Fort McPherson at "Beautiful Relationships with God and Each Other," retreat in Whitehorse, YT

  29. Heidi McLaughlin with miracle granddaughter Mya Alexis

  30. "Life of No Regrets” conference, Willow Park Church, Kelowna, BC

  31. Heidi & Organizing Team at Connecting & Bonding Conference, Lexington Kentucky

  32. Heidi with worship and leadership team at "No Regrets" Conference, Rockridge Resort, Apr 2013