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UNLEASHING THE K.I.S.S. MARRIAGE- “The Miracle of Compliments”

Posted: July 18, 2012

“You know what I heard today?” Nancy said that she saw you at the shopping centre and she thought you looked great.  She wanted to know if you have lost some weight.”  Those are words that make our skin flush, our hearts pound just a little bit harder, and our spirits are filled up to the brim with new confidence and joy.

 A “passed along compliment” is one of the greatest confidence boosters. It affirms our sense of value and makes us feel that we just might have something worthwhile to offer this world. I know when I hear a compliment it’s enough to keep me floating two feet off the ground for the next couple of days.

So if a “passed along compliment” has such much power; imagine the energy and strength we receive when our spouses give us a compliment right to our face.  The bible tells us: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thess. 5:11). Do you want to “build up” your marriage? Then start encouraging each other by deliberately complimenting your spouse.

Almost every morning when I leave for work, my husband stops to look at me and then says, “You look beautiful…wow I wish I could spend all day at your workplace, just so I can look at you.”  Now I know he loves where he works; but just suggesting that he thinks I look good and that he wants to spend time with me boosts my spirits and give me incredible confidence. It gives me the courage to face the distractions and challenges of the day because I know some thinks that “I am great!”

Life is tough our there! We need to know that someone in this harsh world thinks we’re OK. If you are not used to complimenting your spouse, or you don’t they he/she deserves it; I boldly ask you to start today.  Push through your feelings of awkwardness, or feeling the other person doesn’t deserve it.  Start complimenting and watch the results.  The joy you will experience will absolutely delight and surprise you.

Here are a few to get you started:

1.            Honey, I just love the way take care of your body by running and going to the gym.

2.            I love it that you read books and keep up with the news; it makes you an interesting person.

3.            Thank you for taking the time to bath the children each night and then read them a bedtime      story.

4.            I love the way you talk to your parents; you have such compassion for other people.

5.            I noticed the way you talked to that lady at the car dealership. You were so patient and                 understanding when things didn’t go the way you wanted them to.

6.            You are so patient with me.

7.            I love it when you take the time to put on some lipstick and a sassy outfit.

8.            I love the way you believe in me.

9.            I love the way you look after the flowers in our yard; our place always looks to beautiful and       inviting.

10.          I noticed you lost a little weight; wow you sure look good.

11.          You are the most beautiful/handsome woman/man in this neighborhood.

12.          You know what; you are totally awesome.

The power of a compliment is that is can actually produce miracles. It can take a dead, dry and unhappy person or marriage, and infuse new hope and joy. By simply speaking some loving and encouraging words., it can “build” a loving marriage.



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