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Posted: December 5, 2014

Heidi & jack at lampost-croppedI have an addiction. You might say I get obsessed with a compelling story when I am in the middle of reading a great book. I simply can’t put the book down until I have some kind of resolve. I remember when I was nine, my mother would have to keep coming into my bedroom and make me put away my books and turn out the light. As soon as she closed the door, I would again slip under my covers with my flashlight and continue reading my favourite Nancy Drew cliffhangers.

A great story keeps us turning the pages, staying up late on a work night and becoming familiar and deeply involved with the captivating characters. That kind of fascinating story keeps us turning the pages until we read, “The End.”

Our marriages need a great story. I believe we all got married in the first place to find love, adventure, companionship and a loyal friend who will stick with us through the great triumphs and the caves of despair.

So I want us to think about our marriages as a bestselling novel. What do we need to “keep writing into our marriages” to make them interesting, fun and inspirational enough to keep all of going right until “The End.” Fact is, most of us have to intentionally sit down and write some of that script.

Here is my challenge to you for this Christmas season. Instead of putting another huge item on your MasterCard, find something priceless for your marriage story. For example:

  1. Create a card that will tell your husband you will have a theme night in February. You will send the children to a friend’s home and the night will be yours. It can be an Italian candle night dinner, an Argentinean meat recipe, or a Greek feast. Throughout the meal you may want to play the accompanying music, dress according to the culture…and voila! Wait for the adventure to begin.
  2. Have your spouse meet you in a coffee shop or foyer of a hotel. As he/she sits down press a room key into their hand and tell him/her you have booked a room for the night. Have everything prepared in that room…candles, chocolates, and clothes for the evening and the next day and be prepared to have great dialogue and adventure.
  3. Plan a different family vacation. Perhaps plan to take the whole family on a Compassion Canada trip to Haiti.
  4. It’s winter and take advantage of the beautiful snow in the mountains. Take some green garbage bags, some hot chocolate, cookies and drive around the beautiful countryside. When you find a field or a smaller mountain with a great hill, get out of the car, take the garbage bags and use them as sliders (sleds), to go flying down the hills. You can’t believe the fun and laughter you will have as a family.
  5. Get out your skates and find an outdoor rink or indoor skating arena. Instead of just dropping your child off for their skating lessons, take the whole family on a skating evening. With lots of hot chocolate and marshmallows on top.

These are only a few suggestions to get you started in writing some adventure into your marriage and family narrative. It is crucial that you keep your marriage story interesting enough so that everyone will be engaged in moving onward with love, passion and intention. In spite of all of our flaws I know it is the heart of God to help us write a beautiful and good life story. May it be so in your marriage.





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