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“Suckie Please!”

Posted: January 5, 2009

"Suckie Please!"

Austin, my adorable, blonde tousled grandson, is only two but he’s already King of the House.  He’s tough, energetic and makes everyone laugh outrageously – especially now that he is starting to talk. When his eyes start to droop and it’s time for a nap he walks up to me, looks me square in the eye with that helpless, innocent baby look and says, “Suckie please Nana!”  He always adds the “Please.”  My heart melts and I give him what will comfort him the most in this tender moment – his suckie.

He’s only two so it’s OK and cute to walk around with a crown and suckie, but it’s not so cute when we’re in our 20’s or older.  Let’s face it we all want to be king or queen and run this world, but after harrowing days that seem to control us and leave us overwhelmed and drained, all we want is some instant comfort.  We reach for the nearest things that will bring us comfort in hopes that it will make us feel better.  Is it another trip to the fridge, a quick impulsive purchase at your favorite designer store, another drink from the bottle or giving in to a different, dangerous temptation that will make us feel better?

We all need to feel better – especially in these days when most news is bad news and there are more demands than hours in the day. Everywhere we look there is negativity,  pessimism, gloom and employment insecurity. But before we run for “our suckie”, let’s stop, breathe and think about the choice we are about to make. Will this still feel good 3 hours from now, tomorrow, or when the Visa bill comes in?

Jesus says to run to Him when we need comfort.  “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28 NIV). In a practical sense – how does this help you and me?  First of all we need to withdraw to a quiet place – away from the badgering demands of expectations from others – and ourselves. Then a few good night sleeps are in order. Soon you will be focused and rested enough to pull out the Bible and be reminded that Jesus came to bring us JOY. Sounds almost childish – doesn’t it? In the book of John Jesus tells us that we will experience our greatest joy when we obey Him. When we are reminded that we were created to live abundantly, the day beings to take on a perspective that seems manageable, purposeful and – joyful. 

Why not choose right now that the next time you need some comfort and rest, run to Him – not the fridge, store or internet. Obey and you will experience Joy. Choose obedience and your feelings will follow. I’ve tried it – it works.

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