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RESTLESS-Surviving Overabundance

Posted: July 25, 2016


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Lately I spent a lot of time with “little people” who love a packed fun filled day. Halfway through a swim, card game or mini golf expedition they become restless and the question of the hour is always, “So nana, what are we going to do next?”

Grownups are not much different. We’re always talking about the “next best golf game, next vacation, next big pay cheque” and on and on. We are living in an era of over-abundance and it is hurting us. When we allow over-abundance for little people, we instil selfishness, narcissism and an attitude of entitlement. Who wants to be around that type of whiney, unhappy children?

Unfortunately as grown-ups we continue to have that restless nature. Sadly, those character traits don’t bode well in a marriage relationship. Our wedding vows did not say, “Love, cherish and honour until we become restless and look for something better.” I know there are circumstances where a relationship is toxic, hurtful or one of the spouses walks away and there is nothing you can do about it. But for the most part, our restless nature causes us a lot of grief. These days we have too many options, too much technology and too many opportunities that take us away from the intimacy in our marriage relationship.

As long as we allow our restless nature to look for fulfillment outside of our marriage, we will feel dissatisfied. When we become grateful for what we have, build on it and see the good in it, it squelches our restless nature.

There is a story of a little girl who wanted a beautiful, new blue bike. Her father told her, “You can keep the pink bike you have right now, or I can take it away and you will have nothing.” All of a sudden the girl really loved her pink bike.

The New Testament in the Bible is filled with the “one-another” phrases. They are the models for walking out love in action. We are to pray for one another, encourage one another, be kind to one another, bless one another and there are 32 more “others.” When we take on the mantel of living the way Christ taught us to live, it will mollify our restless nature. Contrary to the world’s way of thinking, when we pour love OUT on each other, WE are the ones who become fulfilled.

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