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LAURA DAVIS has written an oustanding book-COME TO ME

Posted: May 2, 2011


I am a visual, picture thinker. My friend Laura Davis’s book COME TO ME, gave me the sights, smells, and images of the life of Christ in a fresh, vibrant encounter.  Each night I read a couple of chapters and it left me with peace and a fresh understanding of the day to day life of the Son of God. 

Come to Me is beautifully written in the context of  intimate conversations taking place between Jesus’ mother, Mary, and Jesus’ disciples. As we get older, we love to recall all the funny, mischevious, frolicking moments in our children’s lives. Mary is no different. In this book Mary is in her declinings years and passionately and lovingly goes back to vividly recall the stories of Jesus growing up years and powerful ministry.

Laura does an outstanding tribute to the details as written in the gospels, but adds just enough detail to bring smells, feel and sound to these profound and life transforming stories. With her descriptive words, she was able to bring a 3D version to Jesus’ interactions with his disciples, the turning of water into wine, the heart wrenching journey to the cross and many of His teaching and healing encounters.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who needs a clearer, more descriptive understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus. This is a great book for new believers, as it explains the life of Jesus in a clear yet powerful, narrative.  It is also perfect for those who have known Jesus for many years, because it portrays Jesus in an intimate way that draws us even closer to what He did for us while walking on this earth.

This book hits the mark in  recounting the reason Jesus came to this earth; to teach us how to live and love. Laura did a magnificent job in portraying that truth.

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  1. Laura Davis says:

    Heidi, I am speechless! Thank you my friend, for such a wonderful review.

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