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I yearn to be contended.

Posted: July 10, 2008

There is a discontentment in the air.  I sense it in the hurried sentences,  the frazzled eyes, the hopes for a better pay check, the longing for peace and quiet.  Summer – the hope for many of us that it will be a time of laying back in a deck chair – sipping a sweet creation, beatifully pedicured toe-nails, and evenings of sitting by candle light and savouring the delicate summer breezes. For many, the summer is not what we hoped for – we are still rushing – with company, with children, with too many summer activities. 

 I yearn for the kind of contentment that the apostle Paul had – he says, “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” (Philippians 4:11 NIV). TO BE CONTENT WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES.  How do we do that?  Here are 2 things that I use as a guide every day: No. 1 – Deliberately and intentionally say NO to anything that will cause me to feel resentment. No. 2 – Live in the present moment. Now is all I have.  I need to see events and people as a gift from God – not an interruption but a divine appointment.

These two guidelines help me every day. Do I them perfectly? Absolutely not. If they did, I would not be writing about discontentment. But, I will continue to deliberately seek the sweet contentment that comes from knowing God has given me His son to live an abundant life – not frazzled life.

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  1. Heidi…… Enjoyed your posting. I related totally to your comment to deliberately and intentionally say NO to things that cause us to feel resentment. I’ve been saying my own NO’s and it has made such a difference. Shutting it down before it starts keeps us thinking on whatsoever is true and lovely and of good report.

    BTW, I found your Beauty Unleased book at the local store (Inspirations in Sherwood Park)….. I grabbed their only copy! I am amazed at how similar our journeys of the heart seem to be. Our outward lives are so different, but the inner searching and growing…. similar.

    So I’m enjoying the book…. doing so at a leisurely pace.

    Blessings…. and thanks for being motivated and disciplined enough to put your ‘stuff’ in writing.

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