BEAUTY TIP #21-Be a “Lifter-Upper”

Posted: August 20, 2010

  The deadly 3 “D’s”. It starts with discouragement, catapults into despair and may end up in depression. For some unknown reason you ventured into a dark cave and found there was no light to guide you out. Your aching body feels heavy and fatigued. Your mind is ruminating, you can’t focus and you keep chewing over the scene of your mess, failure or loss. I know every one of you reading this has experienced at least one of the deadly “D’s”.  It’s a horrible place to be in, and we need help getting out. That’s where you come in. Yes YOU!  We all need to take part in being God’s hands and feet on earth to lift up those going through one of the 3 “D’s”. If you are the one going through one of the “D”s right now, I pray that someone reading this blog will jump in…

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BEAUTY TIP #20 – Play the YouTube Forward

Posted: August 7, 2010

Pause, and envision the future. I own a greeting card that says, “The biggest fear in my life is that this is not just PMS but my real personality.”  Whenever I read this out in front of an audience, I hear a loud gasp and chuckle. Then a few women lower their heads-I imagine with some embarrassment. Those words probably hit a nerve a little too close to home. Women are the most exquisite, fragile, influential confusing creations on planet earth.  We have to be aware and guard those exquisite sensations and eruptions so that our life is not about one week of emotions, and three weeks of apologizing. God has given us our feelings to help us navigate through life with wisdom and power. Our feelings can be like a red flag that warns us of danger, or guides us with gut intuitions on the choices we make.  They…

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BEAUTY TIP #19 – Unlock your Dark Side

Posted: July 30, 2010

 We all crave to be accepted and recognized for who we are. When we sense we have been overlooked, rejected, put down or devalued, I believe our dark side kicks in.  This starts when we are very young and someone gets a bigger ice cream cone or more recognition at a school play.  We ask ourselves.  ”Am I not as important or valuable as the other person? How come she/he gets more rewards or recognition?” When my children were younger and I took them to swimming lessons, they would constantly shout at me. “Look at me mommy; watch me swim. Look at how I can do the back flip.” If I got into a conversation with another woman or happened to look away, they would remind me afterwards, “Mommy, you didn’t watch me.”  As we get older and become somewhat more mature, we become better at hiding our desperate need for…

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BEAUTY TIP #18 – Shooting Coyotes

Posted: July 16, 2010

 “Walk boldy and beautifully-without fear!” There are coyotes out there dad”, said the three year old boy, “They are going to come into the house and hurt us.” The dad walked to the window, looked for a long time and then said, “OK then I better go and get my gun and get rid of them for you.”  The dad came back with a gun and pretended to shoot the coyotes. When he was done, he said to his boy, “There, they are all gone now, you can go out and play. “Thanks dad!” with a huge smile on his face the little boy got his toys and ran outside to romp in the back yard.” When my husband and I heard this story, we were not sure it was true, but we continue to use it to remind us about our own coyotes-imagined fear. We all hear things that…

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BEAUTY TIP #17- Wear Other People’s Shoes

Posted: June 18, 2010

“I could never wear someone else’s shoes” a friend of mine said when I suggested she try shopping for shoes at a Consignment Store. “Her face grimaced as she finished her disgusted retort, “that just grosses me out”. Ok each to their own, but unfortunately with our present tumultuous economy, we have to find ways to cut back and I was trying to find a practical way to help. After all, we are not like the Israelites who wandered through the desert for forty years and their shoes never wore out. Our shoes do wear out, and quite quickly in fact. I just finished speaking on the topic of “If the Shoe Fits…” and my thoughts have been on shoes lately.  It is evident that for some unknown crazy reason, women love shoes.  The whole concept is bizarre if you think about it. Shoes are fitted onto the lowest, most…

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BEAUTY TIP #16- SAY “YES” TO YUMMIE. Nine Steps to an Unbalanced Life.

Posted: June 4, 2010

  A balanced life is over-rated. Before you call me a fanatic and burn me at the TIME MANAGEMENT whiteboard; I want to ask you. “So how is time management” working for you? Over the past ten years we have been saturated with “how to” steps for managing our most precious commodity – time. It wasn’t until the day I threw my palm pilot into the garbage that I realized I had become a slave to time management. With all the time balancing, de-cluttering, workshops, fat day timers, Microsoft calendars and every piece of technology known to mankind to help us with our 24 hour days, we are still rushing, sighing and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. A balanced life sounds like a wise, wonderful concept; but what happens when all of our best laid “one hour increments” in our day timer fall behind and we fall apart? In a question…

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BEAUTY TIP #15 – Driving Miss Heidi

Posted: May 21, 2010

“Why would you try; you might fail and end up looking stupid.” Those words have the potential to be burned into our subconscious like a non-writeable dvd. Each morning when our feet hit the ground, the power button gets turned on and the brain kicks into action, taunting us by whispering ancient, crusted worthless lies. One thing we battle almost every day is a powerful, invisible false belief system that is steering us off course for what God designed for our life.  This false belief system is a deeply ingrained habit of seeing the world through a set of lenses that was formed by our perception and interpretation of external events and words. These influences came from our parents, neighbors, siblings, teachers and other people that were part of our day to day activities. They are false because most of them are manmade rules and perceptions and they don’t line…

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BEAUTY TIP #14 – Scorn Intimidation

Posted: April 27, 2010

Why do we talk like t his? “I could never decorate my home the way you do.” “I could never possibly walk into a room and speak to strangers.” “I could never pray like you.” I could never……….” (you fill in the blanks). With shoulders  hunched and eyes lowered, we succumb to the subtle menacing foe of intimidation. Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family, says that the biggest struggle for women is their lack of self worth. Countless women battle intimidation-an enemy that is actually camouflaged as fear of indequacy. We cower because we are afraid that we are not enough for this world. “Surely, we say, “everyone must be smarter, prettier, more accomplished than I am.” I love the poem “Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson”… …”You are a child of God, Your playing small does not serve the World. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that…

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TRUTH OR TREASURE-“There is nothing more gorgeous than a woman who knows she is loved.”

Posted: April 9, 2010

 I will be in the Vancouver Area on April 15, 16 speaking on BEAUTY UNLEASHED at the Willingdon Church. If you are in that area, 4812 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, B.C.;  please come in and join us. Tickets are $7.00 and there will be a Fashion Show, great music and I will be speaking on how to “become more beautiful from the inside-out.”  What a thrill it would be for me to meet some of old friends, face book and twitter friends there.

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BEAUTY TIP #13 – Unleashing Bliss through Limbic Looping

Posted: March 18, 2010

“Limbic Looping” We all need to feel pleasure. Consciously or sub-consciously we will do whatever it takes to feel it.  If you think you are beyond pleasure seeking; read on. There is a portion of our brain that is called the “limbic system”, and it is the seat of our memory and our gorgeous emotions. It is the part of our brain that releases our pleasure chemicals. In the book Social Intelligence, the author Daniel Goleman has done intensive research on the human brain and how it responds and functions in human relationships.  This book is loaded with so much valuable information it will make your head swim; but I want to focus on one aspect-the “looping”.   We have all experienced the phenomenal delight when we smile at a baby or toddler. Here is what happens: We smile at the baby, the baby watches our faces and breaks forth…

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