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BEYOND ORDINARY-by Heidi McLaughlin

Posted: March 12, 2023

What does it even mean to be “beyond ordinary?” The last 3 days I’ve been involved in a Global Conference with women around the world from 45 countries with the theme CALLED: BEYOND ORDINARY.

I know we would all like to wake up one day, look in the mirror and reflect a woman that is smart, capable, enchanting and beautiful. After hearing many testimonies and keynote speakers, here’s what’ve learned about becoming “Beyond Ordinary.”

  • BECOME UNCOMFORTABLE. Well, that’s not what we want to hear. To become something “more than ordinary” we have to step out of our comfort zone. Often times it’s with fear and trembling as we step into the unknown. Like stepping out of a plane and soaring effortlessly as Miss Wheelchair Canada Vahen King did so courageously.
  • LOVE ME TO DEATH SO THAT HE CAN KISS ME TO LIFE. That’s a radical powerful statement made by Kathy Mainse in her keynote address on Day 3. Wow, her content was raw, rich and edifying. To become “beyond ordinary” we need to die to pride, possessions, and achievements and when everything seems hopeless let Jesus rebuild us with resurrection life. That’s the kiss of life. Resurrection life, and that can only happen after death.
  • PROTECT OUR TIME. To stimulate our passion and become beyond ordinary we have to spend time in Our Lord’s presence. That’s where God prepares, awakens us to possibilities that we can only dream or imagine. Rather than working on being successful, being popular and striving for great accomplishments, we need to firstly pursue God who will awaken us to true union with Him and prepare us for what we’ve been called to do. Maureen Jones said, “Before we can lead people to victory, we have to firstly be followers. Followers of God.”
  • WORSHIP IS OUR WEAPON. On day 2 I spurred women on to use their voices to bring encouragement and hope to this chaotic and confused world. Every day our feet hit the ground we go into battle against disappointments, struggles and anything else the enemy wants to use to stop us from becoming “beyond ordinary.” For this our weapon is worship through songs, thankfulness, revelling in the awe of God. This takes our eyes off our circumstances and places them on the majesty and greatness of the One who takes the ordinary things in life and transforms them into “something more than we could ever dream or imagine.” BEYOND ORDINARY.

It’s our suffering, losses, disappointments and brokenness that prepares us for our greatest testimony and the best version of who God made us to be. To get “beyond” anything, we have to step into our fear, trust God with absolute obedience one “yes” and one step at a time.

How do you want your voices to change your areas of influence, marriage, relationships or even your country? Remember before you can lead, you have to follow. Follow Jesus the lover of your soul with all your heart

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