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BEAUTY TIP #6 “Exfoliating Frogs”(Part 1)

Posted: September 14, 2009

Time to EXfoliate

The Drive-Inn Movie Theatre in Prince George leaves a lasting legacy in my mind. I can still see Charles Heston as Moses with his cane, handsome face and flowing robes,  in the “Ten Commandments” approaching Pharaoh and telling the king to “Let God’s people go!” After God changed all the water into blood, sent locusts, turned rods into snakes…and then came the frogs. The bible says that the frogs were everywhere!  In the ovens, in the kneading troughs, and in the palace bed. Here is the astonishing part. Moses specifically told Pharaoh that he would pray and ask God to remove the frogs whenever the King wanted them removed. Our dear King Pharaoh said, “Tomorrow!”

When we read that we throw up our hands and exclaim, “Why in the world would anyone want to live with pesky frogs any longer than you have to?” In fact, we all do.  Many of us have been living with frogs for so long that we think they belong in our homes,  beds,  language, in our spiritual journey and we say we will get rid of them – you guessed it, “Tomorrow!”

So what do some of these 21st century frogs look  like?

*The frogs of busyness. These pesky creatures are subtly invading every area of our lives. Beth Moore says that if “Satan can’t make us bad – he’ll make us busy.”  It seems to be working because the frogs are robbing us of meangingful conversations, family meal times, friendships and laughter.  But they are successful in spawning more divorces, fatigue, depression, workaholism, addictions and robbing us of pursuing the meaningful passions and purpose God intended for us.

* The frogs of obligations. When we say to a woman “You should..!”, it is like saying “sic em” to a dog.  Most women feel a sense of responsibility for anything that needs to be done, and they feel the frogs of guilt when they don’t do it properly.  Feeling obligated keeps them chained to other people’s expectations and it compels them to carry these frogs wherever they go.

* The frogs of offenses. Dr. Dobson says that women’s greatest weakness is their low self-esteem. This causes women to be very sensitive and feeling hurt when they are overlooked, under-appreciated,  and when they don’t get the accolades they feel they deserve.  Because women are raised to be nice girls, they tuck this hurt away where no one can see it. This unresolved pain becomes the frogs they carry around in their purses, back packs, and brief cases. Surprisingly these frogs begin to show up in their refrigerators, it becomes their screen savers, their home page on their web browser and begins to invade the marriage bed and sabotage their health.

God never intended us to live with frogs. Thousands of years ago He sent Moses to set his people free. We didn’t understand freedom then, and I wonder if we are experiencing TODAY the freedom Jesus came and died for.  How can you and I exfoliate the frogs from our life?  I’ll tell you TOMORROW, no actually you’ll have to wait until next week. 

In the meantime, think about the frogs in your life, and let’s get rid of them.

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  1. GREAT post, Heidi. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Michelle Willms says:

    Thank you for reminding us woman that God loves us for who we are and not for the lists of things we accomplish throughout our days. We get so wrapped up in the shoulds, and then pout when no one pats us on the back. I love your examples from the Bible that bring out a new understanding of how God wants us to live. Your blogs are a real encouragement to me.

  3. Great topic…….. I once heard a speaker from Argentina talk about frogs…. the Moses and Pharoah variety. If you recall the story, the frogs arrive in Egypt and then when Moses comes back and asks him if he wants the land to be delivered from the plague of frogs, the king’s response was yes, but tomorrow.

    The speaker’s point was who in their right mind would want to sleep with the frogs one more night. Wouldn’t you want immediate relief? Too often, we are quite willing to live with our frogs a little while longer, especially if it means making some new choices or decisions.

    I’m all for getting rid of the frogs, and the sooner the better! Enjoyed your posting.

  4. PS. I always wanted to write you a note on a totally different topic. I found your book Unleasing Beauty at the bookstore a number of weeks ago. I was delighted. I am enjoying it. Beauty has always been a key motivator in my life. And when I found your book, I had to have a copy.

    Today, I mentioned something you wrote in your acknowledgement section over at another blog. Joyce at http://liveaquietlife.blogspot.com mentioned that someone had encouraged her to ‘write where God blesses’.

    What a great plumbline to follow. And that’s when I was reminded of another plumbline that I taken for myself which YOU mentioned — about writing every words as an act of worship to God. I LOVE that! It really spoke to me.

    So thank you for sharing your thoughts about living a beautiful life. It’s my focus….. it’s what He desires for each of us…… (just imagine what what Eden must have been like).

    Blessings and happy ‘frogless’ day!

  5. Marianne says:

    Heidi, how you have blossomed in your life. Who knew that the hard working young mother of 2 growing children in Lethbridge, AB, who sewed her own clothing beautifully would turn out to be such a talented author and speaker. Wow! I am proud to say I know you, and I still have the picture you painted for me. Hugs to you.

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