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Beauty Tip #5 “The Art of Lingering”

Posted: August 14, 2009

Lingering and Loving it - in Poland

“Lingering and Loving it – in Poland”

Last night I lingered with friends in a coffee shop. Surprisingly I stayed longer than I anticipated; I didn’t want to leave because we were talking about the joys and struggles of relationships. I’ve noticed that when we start talking about relationships at a “heart connection” level, it is a story without end. When we finally stop the surface conversations about the weather, lousy economics, toilet training, “busy” activities or the price of gas – we get down to what matters – issues of the heart. 

If I really want to know someone, be aware of God’s magnificent creation, or discover a treasure that God has placed in my path in that moment, I have to learn to linger. I discovered this necessary but gorgeous concept on my overseas trip to Poland where I taught lectures on “Spiritual Transformation”.  When I heard a comment like, “Let’s meet back here in 5 minutes”; this statement was wide open to time interpretation. In Canada 5 minutes means 5 minutes – no more, no less. “Let’s get started onto the next task, and quickly, because we are busy people and we have a long “to-do” list.

In Poland God was transforming my own soul and teaching me the beautiful “art of lingering.”  I have known for a long time that one of the greatest treasures God has given us on this earth is relationships; but this reality is really starting to sink into my soul.  This is how the learned the fine art of lingering:

1.I had no choice. I was locked into other peoples agendas and for once I did not have my own car as an escape hatchet.

2. I had to STOP, relax, and tell myself that this extra time was a gift from God.

3. I chose to soak in all the details of my surroundings. (They were magnificent).

4. I purposefully found someone to talk to. Even though I always had to find a translator, the conversations were rich and insightful and I learned a lot about the people’s culture, their families and their hopes and dreams.

5. I was captivated by their authenticity and eagerness to accept me.

6. When there were no people present – there was always an ice cream shop.

7. I was learning to relax.

8. I was learning the art of lingering.

9. I discovered I loved lingering.

10. I was being transformed.

Women who work on the “art of lingering” become more beautiful from the inside out.  We all love to be in the presence of someone who asks about our personal life, who takes in interest in our spiritual journey, who nods and smiles and looks into our eyes when we stop long enough to converse from the heart.  I love how the bible always keeps me on track and its truths are relevant in every area of my life.

Listen, “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people” (Acts 2:46 NIV).

Lingering is not wasted time, it’s an investment into people’s hearts and eternity.  Try it – you’re guaranteed to love it and it is sure to transform you.

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  1. Thanks for the timely reminder that lingering is a good thing! There are times where I’m better at it, but it is good to remember that we’re here for relationships, and relationships blossom nicely in a lingering atmosphere!


  2. I popped over here from Facebook. You have a beautiful website and blog.

    This post hit home. I need to learn the art of lingering. Sometimes that means spending less time watching TV or turning the computer off. We spend so much time learning stuff, and little time putting it into practice.

    Thanks for a timely message.

    Susan 🙂

  3. Lesley-Anne Evans says:

    Dear Heidi,
    Enjoyed finding your blog… and reading these inspiring words on how to engage and enjoy the moments we find ourselves in… rather than planning the next thing in our heads while we only half listen to whom we are with. So needed… such a great reminder to me.
    I’d love to follow your blog… but can’t see this option here. Would you consider adding this… either by subscription or by a ‘follow this blog’ option? I think others would be interested too 🙂
    Blessings to you, my friend,

  4. Sharon says:

    Dear Heidi,
    What a wonderful website. I love roses–it makes me feel peaceful and loved. I read the ten ‘lingering’ helps and will reread to help me ‘linger’ even better than I have.

    Since I”ve read your book, I haven’t read all the beauty tips here.
    God bless you Heidi!

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