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BEAUTY TIP #4 – “Listening to each other’s Hearts.”

Posted: July 11, 2009

Listening leads to Loving

“Listening leads to Loving”

Last year I read 14 books to prepare for a workshop on “Empowering Leadership through Friendship.” I randomnly discovered that the greatest need in relationships, and the greatest gift we can give each other is “Listening.” Since that discovery, I have paid attention to the power that listening has in our lives, and I stand amazed.

I recall one afternoon when someone came into my office with a problem. I sat and listened. I did not open my mouth once-not once and for those who know me, you know that is not easy. As this employee walked out of my office she said, “Thank you for helping me, this has meant so much.” I had not said one word to help her – I simply listened.

This unusul encounter made me sharply aware that the greatest gift I can give anyone is to LISTEN. Not judge, not give advice, not interrupt, not pour out my self-righteous wisdom – just sit, look the other person in the eyes, give them my full attention and Listen.  I believe it makes me more beautiful, it makes YOU more beautiful – when our hearts connect through this gorgeous encounter.

By listening, nodding, leaning forward and letting the other person know that I  am validating their words, I am allowing the Holy Spirit within me to connect our ears; but most importantly – our hearts.

What a beautiful gift we can give each other when we validate whatever it is that is in our hearts. Let’s face it we’re all in the same human boat, we all struggle with things that hurt us, irritate and frustrate us -the good, bad and ugly. I can actually see beauty radiate in a woman’s face when I validate her heart. 

I encourage everyone who reads this to pass this beautiful gift along. It’s free, just sit and listen.

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  1. Dear Heidi,
    Would you be willing to let me quote this in the book that I am writing on developing listening skills and walking with others as the way to share our faith?
    Eleanor Shepherd

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