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BEAUTY TIP #34 – Sand in my Shoes

Posted: January 29, 2011

The feeling of being barefoot and squishing sand between my toes evokes a giddiness of freedom. If I nudge near the ocean just near enough to get the occasional splash of gorgeous, turquoise sea water, and the sun warming my cheeks; I feel like a child again. Free to frolic, run, laugh and giggle. Being barefoot in the sand unleashes a brazen abandon that I find in no other place.

I cannot get this freedom when I wear shoes. It is blatantly unrealistic of me to think that I can frolic in the sand and not expect to get sand in my shoes. Those irritating grains of sand that will find that little crevice and rub away at me until I either take off my shoes or leave the beach. Annoying, hurtful and disappointing!

 An unrealistic expectation is like an irritating grain of sand-a silent thief that will rob us of freedom and joy. When people do not meet our expectations we get mad, feel hurt, rejected, disappointed and blame them for letting us down.  Let’s do a paradigm shift to reality.

Everything in this life is a created thing and has the potential to disappoint us.  It’s a harsh statement, but once we get it, it will unleash the same kind of freedom as running barefoot on the beach.  I have found my greatest freedom in this life by identifying and learning to let go of unrealistic expectations. How do we do that? Realize that:

  1. It is not other people’s job to make us happy.
  2. Everyone sees the world through a different set of lenses.
  3. People orchestrate their lives to make them feel loved and comfortable in the way that has been modeled for them.
  4. We can NEVER ASSUME anything-always check the facts.
  5. God has made us all unique, and we cannot expect people to climb onto our life’s journey.
  6. God is shaping each person’s character in a distinctive manner. It is not OUR job.
  7.  It is unrealistic to think that granite countertops, a flashy career, a perfect spouse, a face lift, fitting into skinny jeans, or a diamond ring will bring me lasting, and fulfilling joy.
  8. Everything in this life ends up in a box…one way or the other.
  9. We need to treasure what God has placed in our hands and receive it as a gift to be held loosely while we are on this earth.
  10. When we buy into unrealistic expectations we are setting ourselves up to be robbed of our freedom.

God is so kind and gracious to us. He tells us in John 8:31, 32 “You are truly my disciples if you keep obeying my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

What truth? It’s all right there in the bible-every word and story is a realistic expectation and promise to set us free from the hooks of this world. People and things were not put on this earth to give us freedom, only Christ can do that. Once we recognize and believe it, we will be empowered to MAKE CHOICES that will be as freeing as running near the ocean barefoot. No chance of gritty, annoying sand in our shoes.

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  1. Barb Koob says:

    Excellent list of good realizations to live by!

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