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BEAUTY TIP #23 – Stand on Every Rung

Posted: September 19, 2010

If you are a task driven person, with a huge sense of responsibility, the words “May you build a ladder to the stars and stand on every rung” have the potential to evoke negative emotions in you. Yet when I hear Bob Dylan’s famous words of his song called Forever Young”, it spurs me on with excitement of all the possibilities God has given us in this great country. 

Bob Dylan released this song in 1974 on his album called “Planet Waves”. These lyrics were written by him during the era of the Vietnam War; a time when the fear of nuclear war loomed heavily in people conversations. People were afraid! Yet in spite of this unsettled time in history Bob Dylan reminded us to reach higher and seek out opportunities to experience life in a way that would remind us of God’s blessings.

We are still afraid!  I hear the fear of our economic times, the fear of marriages breaking up, bankruptcy, a long hard winter, crops not being harvested, children who have ADHD, autism, additives in our foods… the list is endless.  Yet we live in the greatest, richest country in the world and every day I am reminded that I we have endless blessings.  God’s blessings that He wants to pour out every single day. Listen, “How we praise God, the Father or our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ” (Ephesians 1:3). So if we know we have God’s blessings right now,  what does it mean to “build a ladder to the stars and stand on every rung?”

Here’s what it means to me.

  1. Build my life focused on God.  Wars, bad economic times, high gas prices, rotten crops, broken relationships will come and go. God’s love and his plans and purposes for me were formed before the foundations of the earth were formed. That will never change!  The things in this world may at times feel like they are crushing me, but God’s love will never leave me and I always need to keep God as the focal point in my plans, thoughts and words.
  2. Reach for the stars.  I am told in 1 Cor.  2:9, that “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” God had given each of us over 700 gifts and abilities for us to use and enjoy. We live in a country where possibilities for doing/achieving/creating/producing are endless.  Even though our achievements will bring us great joy and sometimes even “star-dom”, our greatest joy and freedom will come when we are free from unforgiveness, guilt, shame and an overwhelming sense of unrealistic responsibility. The God who created the Rocky Mountains, whales, diamonds, redwood trees, has bigger plans for you and me than we could ever possibly imagine.
  3. Stand on every rung.  For me that means to stop being fearful of things that are unusual, different, or out of my comfort zone. I do not want to miss out on the abundant life Jesus gave to me out of His ultimate kindness of dying on the cross for me. Fear is our enemy that stops us from receiving and enjoying opportunities that are out there for us.

I know life is hard these days for many people. I see the hunched shoulders, the anxious eyes, the weary conversations. It seems that we are always in the middle of some kind of war. Yet this is our one and only life and in spite of ourselves, God has already blessed us with everything we need.

I want to encourage you with Bob’s first words of the song, “May God bless and keep you always.”

Always my friend.

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  1. Hope in trying times. Thank you, Heidi. You know, your #1 definition above ties right in with my definition of joy. It’s very close to hope. When we are focused and have our hope in Jesus Christ, we don’t dwell on the wars and unemployment and health problems and politics. Where we “dwell” shapes our mood, our decisions, our outlook, our influence on others. When we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with circumstances, good or bad, it’s time to pan back and get new perspective. God is bigger than our circumstances. He has things to teach us. If we get our eyes off of Him, we might miss it. So it’s very important not to let circumstances steal our joy; it’s connected to hope. We can have underlying joy every waking moment if our hope is focused on Jesus.



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