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BEAUTY TIP #13 – Unleashing Bliss through Limbic Looping

Posted: March 18, 2010

“Limbic Looping”

We all need to feel pleasure. Consciously or sub-consciously we will do whatever it takes to feel it.  If you think you are beyond pleasure seeking; read on.

There is a portion of our brain that is called the “limbic system”, and it is the seat of our memory and our gorgeous emotions. It is the part of our brain that releases our pleasure chemicals. In the book Social Intelligence, the author Daniel Goleman has done intensive research on the human brain and how it responds and functions in human relationships.  This book is loaded with so much valuable information it will make your head swim; but I want to focus on one aspect-the “looping”.


We have all experienced the phenomenal delight when we smile at a baby or toddler. Here is what happens: We smile at the baby, the baby watches our faces and breaks forth in a huge, toothless smile. By the time a baby is four months old, it begins to laugh and giggle for no other reason except that they are watching our own big smile. This is called “looping.”  The electromagnetic waves from our smile touches the baby’s heart, it sends that signal to the baby’s brain and the baby smiles. When we see baby smile and giggle, it makes us laugh with unexpected bliss. The limbic system unleashes pleasure chemicals that flow through our body and the bliss has begun.

Here is the simple and free way to give and receive bliss all day long:

  1. Smile. I’m not talking about a little lopsided grin; I’m talking about a huge smile that reaches from ear to ear. Pretend you are trying to make a baby laugh.
  2. Stop and ask people questions. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. While Jack and I are vacationing in Palm Springs we have made intentional effort to stop and talk to people. We have unleashed stories about families, golfing, playing tennis and children working at the Boeing plant; the economy and how tough it is for people to make ends meet.
  3. Don’t feel like it-do it anyway. When we make ourselves stop and smile at people, they will usually smile back and we have begun to loop. Pleasure and bliss begins to flow through our brains and bodies. 
  4. Make it a habit. This is definitely one habit you want to nurture. Think how simple this is, stop, smile, ask questions, receive the smile-LOOP–BLISS.
  5. It is medicine that actually heals your heart. The bible tells us “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength” (Proverbs 17:22 NLT).


It’s tough out there these days. Gas prices are high, values of homes are down, and many relationships are hanging on by a thread. Sadly some people prefer a blackberry to a face-to-face encounter or reconciliation.  We must never forget the power of a smile.  It makes the whole world a place where bliss can be unleashed and looped.

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6 responses to “BEAUTY TIP #13 – Unleashing Bliss through Limbic Looping”

  1. Heidi, I enjoyed your posting…. it made me smile. Learned something new about this limbic looping business. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Heidi ~

    I love that you described this so specifically! I have always believed this but now there is science behind it. LOL Once when I was in 8th grade or so we were visiting my aunt and uncles’s church. I looked over at my aunt who was sitting across the sanctuary from me. She looked like an angel to me; I was totally struck by her countenance. I realize now that she was worshiping. Back then, I didn’t know what I was looking at but I knew I wanted to look like her.

    Ever since then, I have tried to be constantly aware of my countenance. My smiles are always returned and I always return a smile. How wonderful that God made this possible.

    I saw this recently: “Wrinkles are where your smiles have been.”

    I am known by this quote:

    “The best form of communication is a bright smile.”

    Smiles and hugs to you, Heidi!

  3. Such an interesting post! I’ve had the book Social Intelligence on my reading list, and your post just bumped it up to the top. As I look at your list of bliss beginners, they are all so simple… and free. Thanks for the reminder that looping can begin with me at any time. Smiling about that!

  4. Beat Mueller says:

    I found you through twitter. Great blog. In our church here in the UK (Stoke on Trent)the theme for this month is: Right Relationships Quite amazing that most often it starts wth a smile, a question, taking the first step to start a communication. A smile can restore and encourage, bless and honour. Lets do what we can, even people are ready to receive prayer for healing. Thank you.

  5. John R. Howell says:

    An unexpected encounter with an old friend causes the brain to release endomorphs, which is short for endogenous morphine. That is the reason we feel so elated to suddenly see an old friend. Smiles and hugs are similar.

  6. Today, I went to the beach front with my children.
    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the
    shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic
    but I had to tell someone!

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