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7 Ways to Prepare for Trouble

Posted: July 30, 2017

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of having a conversation with Don Piper, the author of the book and movie, 90 MINUTES ON HEAVEN. His gentle and kind words comforted me, gave me wisdom and put a smile on my face. His trouble came on a bridge, when his car collided with a semi-tractor truck and Don was pronounced dead. Ninety minutes later someone prayed over him, started singing a song, and soon Don sang along with him. His recovery was dreadfully painful and in the first year he had thirty-four surgeries.


We will all face trouble, and sometimes within seconds we feel helpless when our lives change. The Bible says, “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33). My latest trouble came last November when my darling Jack, my second husband, dropped dead going for a cup of coffee. We don’t have a checklist on how to overcome these harsh realities, but there are things we can do to prepare.

  1. Keep all your relationships in good order. It’s hard to say “I’m sorry” after someone has left us. Kiss your loved ones when they leave the house and tell them you love them on a regular basis. I think “luv ya” every time we talk to someone or text them has lost its sincerity and we’ve stopped making it personal. Say it like you mean it, “I love you!”
  2. Build a community around you. When I hear of someone who felt alone after the death of a spouse or child, it breaks my heart. During painful times we should never be alone. But it’s up to us to build our support group and have friends who will be by our side during the darkest hours of our existence.
  3. Build a strong spiritual foundation. After the death of my first husband, a friend said to me: “If something like this ever happens to me, I hope I have your faith.” We can’t HOPE to have faith; we have to intentionally build our faith by attending a church and building a faith community. It’s vital that we read God’s, word, pray and learn to trust His promises through life’s ups and downs. When trouble comes we will have built strength into our spiritual bank account and can trust and believe God to get us through this tough time.
  4. Have your finances in order. Jack and I kept our finances simple and we had a “one sheet” which listed all our bank accounts, credit cards, investments and life insurance policies. It also included passwords for web sites and names of contact people. I cannot tell you how vital this “one sheet” was when trouble showed up.
  5. Insure all your debts. Please; please have life insurance on your vehicle loans, mortgages, lines of credit or any other debt. One day you will thank me for this reminder.
  6. Don’t make your spouse the executor/trix. You don’t need trouble piled onto trouble. Probating a will and looking after estate details can add more stress and anxiety on top of your grief and loss. Appoint someone who can handle this and be able to work with a lawyer and accountant.
  7. Trouble is temporary. These were assuring words from Don Piper as he told me about his visit to Heaven and being greeted by many loved ones who passed on before him. After Jesus said that there would be trouble, he added on: “But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


Yes that is our assurance for eternity, but while we continue on in the “meantime” we are assured that all our trouble is temporary. As the seasons change from summer to winter (not yet please), so will our temporary troubles unfold into a good future. I trust God for this and believe it with all my heart.



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